V marcii sme pre vás do jukeboxu pridali 58 kapiel, 320 albumov, 4185 pesničiek

A Chance To Survive

A Perfect Circle
Mer De Noms, Thirteenth Step, Emotive, aMotion, Disillusioned, Three Sixty

Angels And Airwaves
We Dont Need To Whisper, The Dream Walker, Of Nightmares, Chasing Shadows, We Don't Need To Whisper Acoustic, I Empire, Love, Love part II, Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal The Score Evolved

A new kind of army, Ameracina Fall, American Spring, Die for your government, For blood and empire, Mobilize, The bright lights of America, The general strike, The people or the gun, The terror state, Their system doesnt work for you, Underground network,

Being as an ocean
3, How We Both Wondrously Perish

Box Car Racer
Box Car Racer

The Difference Between Hell And Home, Tragedy Will Find Us,

CROSSES 2014, 

Letters Home

Be Human Kompletly, Grand Unification, They Liked You Better When You Were Dead

Disco Ensemble
Viper Ethics, Magic Recoveries, The Island of Disco Ensemble, Warriors, Afterlife,

Dropkisk Murphys
Blackout, Boys On the Docks, Do or Die, Face to face split EP, Going out in style, Short stories of pain glory, Signed and sealed in blood, Sing Loud Sing Proud, Tessie, The business mob mentality, The gangs all here, The meanest of times, The singles Collection, The Warriors Code

Enter Shikari
Common Dreads, The zone, Tribalism, A flash flood of colour, The mindsweep, The spark, Take to the skies

Face the Whisper
The Chance of Today

Falling in Reverse
Coming Home, Like You, Fashionably Late, The Drug In Me Is You

Fit For Rivals
Steady Damage

Be Human Kompletly, Grand Unification, They Liked You Better When You Were Dead

From First the Last
Big Balls Cowgirl, Big Balls Cowgirl, Dead Trees, Dear Diary My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount

Funeral for a Friend
Between Order and Model, Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation, Four Ways to Scream Your Name, Hours, Singles, Memory and Humanity, Tales Dont Tell Themselves, The Young and Defenceless, Welcome Home Armageddon, Your History is Mine

Fuera Fondo
Krstny otec

It Prevails
Capture And Embrace


Green Day
Revolution Radio, 21st Century Breakdown, 1 039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, American idiot, Dookie, Insomniac Ltd Ed, Kerplunk, Nimrod, Warning, Uno, Tre, Greatest Hits God's Favorite Band,

Hawthorne Heights
The Silence In Black And White (Acoustic), Zero, Fragile Future, If Only You Were Lonely, Hate, Skeletons

Helenine oci

Hollywood Undead
Notes From The Underground, American Tragedy, Day Of The Dead, Hollywood Undead, Swan Songs,

Hospital Bukra
Zataaal, Polopate, Hospitalizacia

Icon for Hire
Scripted, Icon for Hire, Now You Know, You cant kill us

Ine Kafe
Bez udania dovodu, Cumil, Je tu niekto, Pravo na stastie, Pribeh, Situacia Kachny, Vitaj, Nevhodny typ, 22 svetelnych rokov

It Prevail
Capture And Embrace

Jimmy eat world
Bleed American, Clarity, Futures, Good to Go, Jimmy eat World, Satic Prevails, Singles

King of everything, Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, Inhale do not breathe, Cloud Factory

Somnium, No return

Kybel Maciek


Acoustic Metal, And justice for all, Creeping Death, Death Magnetic, Garage Days Re Revisited, Garage Inc, Hardwired to self destruct, Kill em all, Load, Masters of puppets, New skulls for the old ceremony, Reload, Ride the Ligghtning, S&M, St. Anger, The black album, The complete garage days

Neck Deep
Life's Not Out To Get You, Rain In July, The Peace and the Panic

Norma Jean
Wrongdoers, Cinaro, Meridional, Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child, The Anti Mother, 79, Only In My Mind, Polar Similar,

Papundekel Never Dies
Papundekel Never Dies

Brown, The fundamental elements of southtown, Satellite, Payable on death, Warriors, Testify, When Angels and Serpents Dance, Murdered Love, SoCal Sessions, The Awakening

Do Ska, Gangnster SKA, Hy ba ba re bop 25, Horuce casy, Nelam si s tym hlavu, Nenudin,

Ilegalna spravodlivost, Nezabudneme, Organizovany punk, Radikalna ludskost, Su uchilny zido bolsevycky fetaci, V lete oi! V zime crust

Sedembolestny panic Mario

Senses Fail
From The Depths Of Dreams, Covers, If There is Light, It Will Find You, Let It Enfold You, Life Is Not A Waiting Room, Renacer, The Fire

Diorama, Freak Show, Frogstomp, Neon Ballroom, The Best Of Volume One, Young Modern

Diabolus in musica, Divine intervention, God hates us all, Hell awaits, Christ illusion, Reign in blood, Repentless, Seasons in the abyss, South of heaven, Undisputed Attitude, World painted blood,

Day Of The Gusano, Mate Feed Kill Repeat Rare Songs, Slipknot, The Gray Chapter, Vol 3 The Subliminal Verses, Lowa, Clan

Septima, Siesty, Best Of

3, Archangel groove metal, Conquer, Dark ages, Omen, Primitive, Prophecy, Soulfly

System Of A Down
Hypnotize, Mezmerize, Steal This Album, System of a down, Toxicity, Storaged Melodies

Team Sleep
Broyhill Demos, Demos, Off the Record, Team Sleep

The Offspring
Days Go By, Conspiracy of one, Greatest Hits, Happy hour, Ignition, Ixnay on the hombre, Offspring, Rise & Fall Rage & Grace, Smash

The Paranoid
Posledny nádych, Dva svety, Sedem, Tu a teraz

Trust Company
True Parallels, Dreaming In Black and White, The Lonely Position Of Neutral, Unreleased Tracks

Upon This Dawning
To Keep Us Safe, We are all sinners, Upon This Dawning,

Vision Days

Vyznamy, New Cult, Retez od boudy, Zkusebni retez, Na háku, 4 faces HC Punk Split, Proti srsti, Viva La Ironie, Demo 2011, Dont worry be punk, Dokonaly Svet

While She Sleeps
Brainwashed, The north stands for nothing, This is the six, You are we

A new era of corruption, Mark of the blade, Our endless war, Recorrupted, The somatic defilement, This is exile, Whitechapel

Midget Tossing, Where We Stand, Still Standing, One For The Kids, The Underdog EP, Ocean Avenue, Lights And Sounds, Paper Walls, Deep Cuts, When You're Through Thinking Say Yes, When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes Acoustic, Southern Air, Ocean Avenue Acoustic, Lift a Sail, Yellowcard

Zakazany Ovoce
10, Automat na lasku, Diky vam, Dost uz bylo gest, FunguY, Neni co reshit, Pouze na predpis, Zivot se te nepta

Zoči Voči
Audioheroin, Milovany - nenavideny, Nikto z nas nieje bez chyb, S tebou idem dalej, Trinast